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Сибирская Академия Финансов
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перевод средств через банкомат с банковской карты
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перевод средств с личного, лицевого расчетного счета в Вашем банке (в том числе для иногородних)
перевод (перечисление) средств с личного, лицевого счета в любом банке
внесение наличных средств в Кассу Академии по адресу: ул. Гоголя 235/1
Всего голосов: 503

Information about the Academy

8 лет 40 недель назад

Non governmental (private) institution of the higher professional education Siberian Academy of Finance and Banking» was established in August, 1992 under the decision of interregional scientifically-practical conference of heads and experts of Siberian commercial banks with support of inter-regional association of the economic cooperation of regions of Russian Federation “Siberian accord” (website: http://sibacc.ru) - as the first not governmental high economic school in Novosibirsk, based on knowledge of market economy, with the specializations in finance and registered at the name "Siberian international higher school of Banking».

Since 1996 the university is called SIFB («Siberian Institute of Finance and Banking»). It was the first private institution that passed the state certification procedure in 1997. In the official rating of universities presented by The Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation in 2006 SIFB ranks No. 3-5 between other non-governmental Higher Educational Institutions of its category.

In the April 2007 federal Education and Science Supervision Agency of Russian Federation arrived to a decision of awarding the institute the status of Academy. Since July 2007 the Institute bears a name of SAFB u Siberian Academy of Finance and Banking»).

The primary goals of the Academy are:
– Development of economic and pedagogical sciences by making scientific research and by creative activities of teachers and students involving the results in the educational process;
– Training and advanced train for specialists with different levels of initial, average or highest of professional education on the basis of structural departments of Academy using the latest training technologies, including the remote and distance education;
– Fundamental and applied scientific researches in the field of economy and management, education and their practical applications.
The system of the continuous multilevel education

Academy partners: Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation, Ministry of Justice of Federation, Russian Federal Agency on Management of Federal Property, Pension Fund of Russia, Novosibirsk city trade and industrial Сhamber, Kuzbass commercial and industrial Chamber, commercial banks, etc. (http://www.sifbd.ru/about/partners.)

The academy trains specialists for banks, insurance companies, investments companies, enterprises. The teachers having a wide experience in pedagogical, scientific and practical work. The trainers and teachers are leading experts, managers, directors or the owners of banks, auditing firms, stock exchanges, take part in preparation of highly qualified professionals.

The system of multilevel continuous (lifelong) education and vocational training is realized in SAFB.

Students have a various number of developed practice, improving their skills, at industrial, technological, pre-degree and other practices at the enterprises, in banks, auditing firms, insurance companies, financial institutions, enterprises of different industries.

BACHELOR degree directions

Economics, «Management», «Applied IT in economics», «Finance and credit», Accounting, the analysis and audit», «Anti-crisis management», Applied computer science (in economy), Professional training (economics and management).

Formes of study: day time, part time, correspondence/partly distance learning.


Direction «Economy». Programs:
– Banking, Finance management, Accounting, analysis and audit.
Direction «Management». Programs:
– Financial management. Marketing; Accounting and audit;
– Strategic management. Innovation management.
Training terms: On the basis of higher education: 2 years (day-time): 2.5 years (part time).
Forms of study: day-time, part-time, correspondence

Institute of educanonal business training – institute for post degree business education

Initial preparation of accountants at the rate “Accounting of the enterprises.
Certification of professional certified accountants for programs for directions:
– The chief accountant, the accountant expert, adviser.
– The accountant-analyst;
– The financial director, the financial expert (adviser);
– The director for the management accounting;
– The professional accountant on ISFR.
Training of young accountant for qualification on the reserve of certified accountants:
– The chief accountant, the accountant-expert (adviser);
– The accountant-analyst;
– The financial director, me financial expert (adviser);
– Director for management accounting;
– The professional accountant on ISFR;
Short-term advanced naming courses for professional accountants.
Investment business planning using personal computer.
Preparation for certification of arbitration managing directors.
Courses “Financial management” at the enterprises of various forms of ownership.
Training and certification of experts according to the enterprise (business), etc.:

Center of innovative competences and information policy

The SAFB Center of innovation competence and the information policy (CICIP) carries out the introduction of innovations. The center specialize on creation of analytic data bases and informative scientific and methodical products.

The Center of Innovative Competences and Information Роlicy is both internal (for students of the Academy, for graduate and other students, for a group of audit firms and for the Siberian Academy of Finance and Banking) and external Shared Center providing information, consulting services (including services for businesses and entrepreneurs), access to electronic resources, materials and libraries, as well as access to knowledge bases and databases.

Innovations: Technological innovations, copyright and patent right scientific and technical information bases, databases, information on innovative projects, assessment of protects. Development of educational, informational analytical products, new educational technologies (in the area of financial reporting, corporate governance and activities of Russian corporations of different industries, as well as in banking, banking document management).

Information technologies (IT): Development of the internal corporate educational network. Development of a concept and technology for the work of the distance education server. Development of thematic and integrated digital libraries on educational programs for secondary, higher and further vocational education in management, economics financial management, financial literacy, project management, investment activity, accounting, auditing, etc. Search and analysis of economic information, use of databases in economics, business/entrepreneurship, state and municipal administration.

Investments: Assessment of the effectiveness, risks of the investment project. Development and execution of a business plan (in accordance with the requirements of Russian and foreign investors). Financial modeling calculation and justification of investment generation schemes and technologies. Search for investors and financing.

Assessment of the personnel competence, personnel assessment and certification: Innovative technologies for personnel training and management Technologies for professional growth (forecasts and different models and programs for professional career development, upgrade qualifications, competence assessment, job analysis).

Partner professional organization – International Institute of Sertified Accountants and Financial Managers

Professional body, created to unite specialists of the Regions of Siberian district in the field of Accounting and Financial management and make easier and more qualified and professional their education, training and Certification in accordance with the International Standarts of Education (in cooperation with IFAC [International Federation of Accountants, www.IFAC.org. We together translate The Ethics Code e.t.c.]) and IFRS.
The Best Qualifications for Specialists on International Standarts and Local Market Economy requirenments.
SAFBD – is one of the founders of this non commerce professional organization


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